Artmisto creative team is preparing an interactive art installation named Renaissance at Burning Man 2020

Fundraising has been opened for the construction of a new art, meanwhile work on the creation of its various segments has started in various corners of the world.

This article in Ukrainian and Russian.

Renaissance art installation – hands gently hugging a sphere with a participant inside - will present Ukrainian art at Burning Man 2020. The work on creating a unique piece of interactive art – capsule of rebirth, has already started on two continents and in two countries, in Ukraine and the USA. Twenty members of the Artmisto creative team from Ukrainian cities of Dnipro, Kyiv and Lviv, as well as the team members from the states of Washington and California are working over the implementation of a technically complex project.

The nonprofit organization Nova Ukraine, which is engaged in raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States and around the world, supports the Renaissance art project at Burning Man 2020.

The team of its creators, led by authors Volodymyr Nedohoda and Maria Kozolup, spoke about how this unusual project was born.

Renaissance’ idea

“This installation was a continuation of our previous artworks made for Burning Man. In fact, it was subconsciously born back in the process of creating Cocoonap. In our works we try to talk with the viewers, to make them participants of the process. We believe that inside each of us there is a whole universe, a beautiful person, who sometimes hides from oneself. Through art we refer to this person and offer not to be afraid to open up. We say that everyone is close to each other and empathize with each topic”, – says Volodymyr Nedohoda, team leader and co-author of the project.

Artmisto creative team is preparing an interactive art installation named Renaissance at Burning Man 2020
Volodymyr Nedohoda, team leader and co-author of the project

The Renaissance is an installation with dimensions of about 13x8 ft. in the form of two hands, gently hugging the capsule, which can accommodate up to two people inside. The interior of the capsule is designed to convey the feeling of comfort, calmness and safety of the baby in the womb. Special sound support will bring ​​the voices of parents speaking with their unborn child in different languages. They read fairy tales, sing lullabies and speak kind words of support and confidence in the future path.

“In this new work we are trying to return to the very basics, because in fact we are all born the same – pure, open to the world, striving for self-expression. Life makes its own corrections, we initially fail to save something, we lose or forget something. Renaissance gives everyone the opportunity to experience a moment of personal rebirth, turn to their inner personal cosmos, discard past failures and start all over again. It seems to us that the theme of the new Burning Man – the Multiverse – ideally coincided with the idea of ​​Renaissance, because we appeal to 70,000 participants – 70,000 Universes, and if at least one of them can survive the Renaissance moment – this will be the highest award for us”, – added Volodymyr Nedohoda.

The light will be designed and assembled in the USA, the frame – in Ukraine, and the voices – around the world

The team began its work on a new installation and searching for optimal engineering solutions for this project almost right away after returning from Burning Man 2019. The development and testing of basic engineering solutions is carried out by the team in Ukraine, headed by Sergii Vagin. The development of lighting and lighting effects is work of the team from California, logistics is being provided the group of participants group of participants from Seattle. The audio part, including texts in different languages, will be collected around the world and compiled with a background music under the direction of Mikhail Mordan. This is a special, important moment of interaction, because people come to Burning Man from all over the world.

Sergii Vagin, lead engineer

The surface of the capsule will be covered with LEDs forming three screens on which the lighting effects will be broadcasted.

“At this point we are testing several options for implementing this lighting in order to find the best one both in terms of technical characteristics and ease of installation and possible repair and replacement of individual segments directly on the Playa”, – said one of the project “fireflies” (lighting development engineer) Oleksii Duniushkin.

Why rebirth?

“From an artistic point of view, for me personally, this project is a new step in the joint work with Maria [Ed. Note: Kozolup]. It seems to me that our tandem continues to evolve, we understand and complement each other even better, we see more clearly the further development of this cycle of work and other art projects that we are working on separately from Burn. For us Renaissance is also an immersion in our own Universes and I hope each of us will bring something special out of it”, – explains Volodymyr Nedohoda.

“I really like that all our team is working on this project. There are many of us and we are all very different. Each participant complements and develops the idea, adds new aspects to it. Pretty often interesting thoughts are born directly in the discussion process. So we can definitely say that the Renaissance is a product of the collective mind of our team. I hope that as a result we will get a complex, multifaceted art object, representing to people the opportunity to take a step towards themselves, to stop, to realize the moment of rebirth”, – added Maria Kozolup, art director and co-author of the project.

Maria Kozolup, art director and co-author of the project

Lighting effects and specially designed spots with hidden speakers around the installation will set a special atmosphere, and thus the installation will interact not only with those inside, but also with people around, allowing them to experience their own unique experience.

Art with a strong semantic and psychological component

Every year thousands of artists from around the world seek to present their work at the most vibrant cultural event on the planet. Artmisto creative team takes an active part in the Burning Man movement and presents the Renaissance project with a very important and difficult goal – to give people a sense of peace, self-confidence and fill them with positive thoughts and good undertakings.

Artmisto creative team

How much does it cost to build a Renaissance

The preliminary budget of the project is $20,000, $17,000 of them is required for the materials, and $3,000 for logistics costs. The Artmisto team will be grateful for any help with the materials or services to reduce the total cost of installation. On the official project page the Artmisto creative team will post all the most relevant information regarding the project costs and updated budget amounts in real time.

The Artmisto team partially covers the costs from its own funds and launches a crowdfunding campaign for the implementation of the project. The funds raised will be used to purchase the necessary materials, make the installation and deliver it to Playa.

You can help the project and support it financially here: Gofundme fundraising campaign

You can watch the progress of the installation here: Instagram channel

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Lola Duniushkina, Renaissance Marketing & PR manager