Artmisto @Burning Man: the very beginning. Noosphere

Artmisto @Burning Man: the very beginning. Noosphere

Those who have been familiar with the Artmisto creative team participants for a long time know that Cocoonap is not the first project the team has brought to Playa. Cocoonap was a logical continuation of the story, that began back at Burning Man 2018.

It all started with the Noosphere – the first project presented by Artmisto creative team at Burning Man, authored by Volodymyr Nedogoda and Maria Kozolup.

Noosphere visualized in a playful manner the eternal desire of a person to realize ones ideas and dreams. The Noosphere (from other Greek νοῦς “mind” + σφαῖρα “sphere”; literally “sphere of reason”) is the certain new, highest stage of evolution of the biosphere, the formation of which is associated with the development of society, with a profound effect on natural processes.

The Noosphere according to the Artmisto creative team is a kind of cosmic database containing answers to all questions. To connect to it, a person needed to go into a special hemisphere, focus on an important issue or the most desired goal, and put on a special helmet. If the question was formulated clearly and correctly, a light came on over the participant. This meant that the base has received the request and would certainly send a response, very soon or perhaps after some time. If the light did not turn on, it meant that the thought had to be formulated more clearly, felt more deeply. The “connection” to the Noosphere worked at night, during the day anyone could leave their message in a special notebook so that later it would be sent separately.

The philosophy of this interactive project has a psychological effect: concentrating on a certain idea, a person more clearly understands its essence and subconsciously finds ways for itself to achieve the desired result. This effect is usually equated with the practices of prayer, meditation, and even making a wish lists... By correctly asking oneself a question, by looking into ones own Universe, a person draws himself closer to finding the right answer and truly changing the world around oneself.

The 2020 project – Renaissance – will be the third installation of the Artmisto creative team, presented at the Burning Man.

Noosphere, Cocoonap and Renaissance are combined into a series of works that engage in dialogue with the viewers, and in various ways turn them into a participants. In total 7 works are planned in this series.

Artmisto creative team was founded in 2005 in Ukraine. The team implements various projects in the field of culture, aimed at unleashing the potential of a person and encouraging creation and self-realization.