There is a lake somewhere deep inside of Magic Forest. Two Magic trees is growing in the middle of this lake. The Tree of positive and the Tree of negative. Once per year Positive tree blooms and Negative tree is burning in fire. The legend says that every wishes which been written on Positive tree at this time will come true and all hard things, leaved on negative tree will blow away.
Open yourself for a bit of magic. Start to follow your dreams and leave hard feelings behind.


Magic Forest is an annual community gathering event in the West of Ukraine. Event is based on 10 Principles and motivate people for radical self-expression. Magic Forest is filled by dozens of theme camps, arts and parties and other activities. One of our main goals is to give people a sense of peace, self-confidence and fill them with positive thoughts and good undertakings. Since 2020 Magic Forest is an Official regional event of The Burning Man movement. Volodymyr Nedohoda, leader of Artmisto creative team is creating and developing Magic Forest as one of the co-founder of event. The team also taking part in the event with own art projects.

About project

Magic trees is the main symbols of Magic Forest annual event. Each year they have different form but the same conception. In 2020 we have mixed the themes of future an past, universe harmony and dark myths. Positive tree was designed as a whirlpool of galaxy. Dynamic LED light bring an atmosphere of good vibes and infinity. At the same time Negative tree had a form of deer skull - one of the symbols of mystic dark forces. Violet shape light added the feeling of mystery. Trees has been placed in the middle of the lake, people could to get the boats to reach the sites and places special leafs on the trees with their thoughts and wishes. Both trees had an height about 3 meters and Negative tree was burned out at the end of event.



Project Team