World 4040. Post-apocalypse. Civilization is destroyed. Some group of survivors founded unexploded lighting bomb of "Dooms day eggie" series. They decided to turn it into peaceful object and make a chill-out zone there.
"Dooms day eggie" burn as an art-joke or alternative version for our project of Renaissance during preparation for Magic Forest event in 2020. The theme of event was Future 4040, so we took a parts of Renaissance and imagine how world could be in 2000+ years and will people still wanting to live in peace and searching for harmony.

About project

Dooms day eggie is a capsule, approximately 4x2.5 meters visually looking like an egg with yolk-"lighting bomb" inside. This structure have 2 entrance and soft ottomans inside for chilling. During the nighttime the "yolk" is bright in different colors, making calm and meditative ambiance inside of capsule.