What if everything in the word is connected between each others? What is you could find the answer for any question.. if you post the right question?
I, Robot - the theme of the Burning Man 2018. Artmisto creative team prepare an interactive installation for the event, where you can find the answer for Your Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
Connect to the Universe Mind — the largest database over in the world! Get the Answer to Your Ultimate Question... Remember, there could be only one Ultimate Question. Please, be patient, the answer could take a time: days, weeks...

But it will come! Enjoy!

About project

Project Noosphere is a special semi-sphere, where you should enter, sit down, thinking about the most important question for you and then wearing the helmet-connector to the Universe Mind. If your question is clear, you will see a light — your question has been sent and be ready to the answer...

Technically this object looks like a big open tent, well decorated with led's, but the true magic was inside of visitors. With this project we wanted to involve people to concentrate, look inside of themselves and find what they really need. The focus on priority goals help us to be more targeting, be sure and literally follow the dreams. And then one day the magic happened - the dreams come true.



Project Angels

  • Karina Gaeva