Have you ever wanted to start everything from the beginning? Literally everything. Have you ever wanted to come back to the safest place at least once in your life and listen to the most supportive words from the most important person?

Now you can. Look inside of your own universe, feel again the initial moment of peace, confidence, openness to the world and… be born again, with project Renaissance.
We are all born clean and open to the world. But from the very moment of birth, we are increasingly surrounded by a multitude of conventions and rules, which brings the world around us and the people around us. This forms our paradigm of the world, self-esteem and a set of decisions, good and not so good, that we make, trying to achieve some goals. As a result, our life is like a huge maze, tearing through which our inner self, that young child, is trying to realize himself.


The Burning Man movement has more than 30 years of history. Every year at the end of August, about 70 000 people gather in the desert on the edge of the state of Nevada and create Black Rock City, a place which exists only one week. This amazing city is filled with incredible installations, amazing events, and super creative people. Fantastic monster-vehicles drive around its streets, and everything around looks like a surrealistic film because of one of the main principles of the festival - radical self-expression. Thousands of artists from all over the world strive to present their work at this, possibly the most powerful cultural event on the Earth. We, the creative group Artmisto, is taking active part in Burning Man movement and going to present our project Renaissance on the event.

One of our main goals is to give people a sense of peace, self-confidence and fill them with positive thoughts and good undertakings.

About project

Renaissance is a capsule, approximately 4x2.5 meters visually looking like two hands, gently covering the one, who is inside. The surface is covered with LED's that fold into three screens showing the lighting effects.

The interior of capsule is designed to provide the feeling of prenatal comfort and calm. Special sound support will bring in different languages ​​the voice of the mother that speaks with her future child. She reads fairy tales to him, sings lullabies and speaks kind words of support and confidence in the future path. At some point, she tells the participant that he will succeed and that he can go.

Special meditative sound program also providing for the people around at the same time. Thus, the installation interacts directly not only with the person inside, but also with everyone.


Support Project

Technical Assistance

Renaissance is a large and complex structure which is requiring a large number of materials and tools. We strive to minimize costs while maintaining the high quality of the result of our work. And you can really help us!

We need metal, LED-stripes, engines, cables, generators, microcontrollers, figure cuts, and many other things and services. All this can be bought, but maybe you have something that you could share with us?


Support us to bring this beautiful project come true. Your charity not only helps to make the art, it helps make this world better and creativity. Each $ 1 brings a step closer to the realization of our idea.


Project Angels

  • Vyacheslav Rudnitskiy
  • Egor Zubko
  • Mark Trembach
  • Nadiyka Vovk
  • Galina Gurova
  • Aryna Holovko
  • Sergey Pashkevich
  • Semen Shevchenko
  • Vladislav Tomilchenko
  • Victoria Denisova
  • Christina Dyhdalo
  • Vitalii Artomov
  • Vitalii Grabar