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Cocoonap. Donation

Money can not be the main goal, but with money, you can buy a lot of things. For example, the necessary materials and equipment to create an installation on Burning Man. If you are on this page, it means that you are interested in the Cocoonap project and wish to support it. And we are infinitely and sincerely grateful to you.

Yes, we put money on the last place on the list of necessary things, although our budget is very large. Why? Because it is really less significant part than the participation and assistance of people. If we can solve technical needs with the help of the community, we will cover 90% of our budget. However, we are realists and we will be glad to any help. The size of your support does not matter; every $ 1 brings a step closer to the realization of our idea.

Up-to-date information on project financing can always be found here.

Big budget - how much is it?

The total estimated budget of the project is $14 250. This includes materials, tools, logistics, parts manufacturing services. Since the festival takes place in the desert with difficult climatic conditions, we need more materials, , and transportation services are growing significantly. We are partly covering the cost of creating a project and we hope to greatly reduce the final budget through the help of materials and services, but financial help is also necessary for the project.

Where will these funds go?

They will be spent only on the creation of Cocoonap. This is not a commercial project, its members do not receive any remuneration.

What happens if unused funds remain?

After the festival is over, we will publish a total final report on the public. All unused funds will be transferred to the Burning Man Project to fund art projects around the world.

Even $ 1 - the price of a cup of coffee - brings us closer to the realization of the idea. All funds raised will be spent only on the creation of Cocoonap. This is not a commercial project, its members do not receive any remuneration.

Please note that one of the basic principles of Burning Man is Decommodification. In other words, we do not place any logos, brand names, etc., and do not mention them anywhere. We indicate only the personal names of the participants and donors of the project.

What will happen next?

After Burning Man, we will distribute most of its decorative design to everyone as a gift. The remaining parts and tools will be stored in a warehouse in the US and will be used for new installations in the future because the creative process can not be stopped!

Think that it’s worth making another copy and have an idea where to place the installation? Share with us!