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Cocoonap. Technical Assistance

The installations, which is presenting on Burning Man, look very impressive, but there’s a lot of work behind each one. We started the development of the Cocoonap project in October 2018. Our team in Ukraine and the United States prepares drawings, visual effects, music and develop the most efficient logistics to present the project at the festival at the end of August 2019. Almost a year of intense work. In March, we proceed to the construction process and the first tests. During the spring, we will finalize the main work and plan final tests in early June. Then Cocoonap will transfer to the USA where additional tests will be carried out and some details will be improved. In the second half of August, we will move to the desert, where we will begin construction of the installation, which would open it with the first rays of the sun on the 21st - the day when the Burning Man began.

A large project that requires great effort, but together we can realize it and you can take a very direct part in this!


Cocoonap is a large and complex structure requiring a large number of materials and tool. Pretty expensive and weighty thing. We strive to minimize costs while maintaining the high quality of the result of our work. We need plywood, LED-stripes, engines, cables, generators, microcontrollers, figure cuts, and many other things and services. All this can be bought, but maybe you have something from this list and you are ready to share it? This will not only drastically reduce the cost of creating an installation, but also provide an opportunity to share with you this amazing feeling of creating beauty.

If you can help us with materials or know how to optimize our costs - please share this information with us. This is really very important. You can always see the list of the most important needs here.

Transport and storage

We will build most of the construction in Ukraine, to be sure that everything works good and looks really cool. Then we transport it unassembled to the USA and assemble it on site.

Transportation of bulk cargo is a very expensive thing. Especially in the USA. This is a very substantial part of our budget. We are looking for the most profitable way to transport an installation across the ocean and, even more importantly, transport to Playa and take it back. If you have a pickup or an RV and you are ready to provide it, or if you know the best way of transportation, please write to us. Your help will be truly priceless.


Yes, we put them in the last place on our list, although our budget is very large. Why? Because it is really less significant part than the participation and assistance of people. If with the help of the community we can solve our needs above, we will close 90% of our budget. However, we are realists and we will be glad to any help. The size of your support does not matter; every $ 1 brings a step closer to the realization of our idea.

Up-to-date information on project financing can always be found here.

Please note that one of the basic principles of Burning Man is Decommodification. In other words, we do not place any logos, brand names, etc., and do not mention them anywhere. We indicate only the personal names of the participants and donors of the project.