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The Burning Man festivall - one of the most powerful places in the world, which gives everyone the opportunity to discover and change themselves - announced “Metamorphoses” as the theme for 2019. Everyone is inviting to show his own way what the idea of transformation could mean. The creative group Artmisto decided to do this through the creation of transforming installation and invite you to support the project.


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We all, in fact, live in a cocoon - each in his own. This is a cozy and safe place, but sometimes it also closes us too much from the Universe. Surrounding people see only the shape of us and can only remotely represent who we are. Revealing this cocoon, we expose our genuine inner beauty. This is similar to the moment of birth - a manifestation of true magic. Opening ourselves, developing, we find unity with the world through love and harmony, and this gives us metaphoric wings and takes us to a new level, to a different form. Our cocoon dissolves like a summer nap. We are reborn.

Burning Man

The Burning Man movement has more than 30 years of history. Every year at the end of August, about 70 000 people gather in the desert on the edge of the state of Nevada and create Black Rock City, a place which exists only one week. This amazing city is filled with incredible installations, amazing events, and super creative people. Fantastic monster-vehicles drive around its streets, and everything around looks like a surrealistic film because of one of the main principles of the festival - radical self-expression. Thousands of artists from all over the world strive to present their work at this, possibly the most powerful cultural event on the Earth. We, the creative group Artmisto, also decided to present our vision of the main theme of Burning Man 2019 - Metamorphoses.


Cocoonap is a combination of two words: Cocoon and Nap. Installation-transformer, which smoothly changes its appearance and telling a small parable. This is a visualization of a metaphorical dream about the changing and cyclical nature of life, about what is its basis. Birth, flourishing, development, dissolution in eternity.

The 3x4 meter installation will be made of wood, vividly decorated with LED-stripes for a spectacular show during the night, and the surface of the cocoon itself will be covered with stencils that will project metaphorical illustrations onto the surface of the desert.

Held during the day, a nearly three-meter-high cocoon will attract citizens of Black Rock City with its mystery and encourage them to think through stories whose fragments are carved on its surface. And during the night, smoothly revealing and shimmering with multi-colored lights, Cocoonap will tell its own story with the warm and ambient music on the background, like a light summer nap, engaging the audience in the process of inner transformation and making them participants of the performance.

But that's not all. Everyone will be able to change the melody during the presentation with a special controller, introducing new details both in the sound and in the perception of the story itself.

In order to open the installation with the first sun rays on August 21, the day the festival starts, we are working on creating it all year. Our team is located on both sides of the ocean - in Ukraine and the United States. These are artists, engineers, musicians, and extraordinary creative people. In mid-August, we will move on the desert to the Burning Man site, where we will build Cocoonap and then share its history with the Black Rock Citizens residents.

The installation of Cocoonap is a dream of a small group of people to say what is really important for all of us, to reveal the beauty inside a person and harmony with the world through art and give this feeling to everyone. If this idea is close to you, you can become part of this project and help turn it into reality in the most amazing place on Earth!


Support Project


Cocoonap is a large and complex structure which is requiring a large number of materials and tools. We strive to minimize costs while maintaining the high quality of the result of our work. And you can really help us!

We need plywood, LED-stripes, engines, cables, generators, microcontrollers, figure cuts, and many other things and services. All this can be bought, but maybe you have something from this list and you are ready to share it?


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Installation budget - $14 250

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Project Angels

  • Kirill Semenov
  • Semen Shevchenko
  • Aleksey Dulida
  • Alexander Babko
  • Anton Shevelyov
  • Alexander Maxymenko
  • Katerina Kendjora
  • Yaroslava Bagriy
  • Tatyana Shapovalova
  • Natalia Oliynyk
  • Sheila Cuffari-Agasi
  • Cristina Rachynska
  • Yaroslav Korets
  • Iuliia
  • Ganna Karpenko
  • Yevgen Vershynin
  • Vyacheslav Rudnitskiy
  • Sergey Molchanov
  • Andrew Nedobora
  • Natalia Volkova
  • Tobias Elleboe Cordsen
  • Claus
  • Andriy Nemirovsky
  • Maryana Bilyk
  • Andrew Trofimov
  • Nataliia Kuchai
  • Dmitry Gnedash
  • Galina Nedogoda
  • Volodymyr Nedogoda
  • Valentina Nedogoda
  • Olga Khenkin
  • Olexandr Ovsyanko
  • Volodymyr Karpenko
  • Alina Derzhavetzkaya
  • Volodymyr Belousov
  • Vladislav Tomilchenko
  • Olesya Malyovana
  • Valentyna Kliuiko
  • Khrystyna Dyghdalo
  • Alexander Popov
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