Become a member of Artmisto

So you want to become a member of Artmisto?

Such a great idea and we'll be love to see you with us. We make a complex and cool thins, so we always looking for the professional who want to share with us this amazing experience. We are looking for developers, engineers, artists, camping guru but not only. Contact us and tell about yourself, we love to meet you!

Should I to the Burning Man?

You can, but it's not necessary. Our projects are not only for the Black Rock Desert and they are creating far far away from this place. Your participation - that is what the most important for us. The idea is became to the real only with the cool team and you could be a part of it!

Do I have any responsibilities if I want to go to Burning Man or any other event with the team?

Taking the art to the Burning Man or any other event is not the backdoor for easy entrance. The events is the result of all our previous work, so we all taking a part in installation, serve and repair the object. Art support also means the shifting, which could take up to the few hours next to the installation or other tasks during the event. We aren't watching the show - we are the show!

Cool, I want to be a part of crew!

Perfect! And we want to meet you too. Please contact us ASAP and the new amazing project is waiting for you!