Artmisto Camp on Burning Man

Welcome to art-support and thematic camp Artmisto.

First time placed on Black Rock City in 2019 with Cocoonap installation, we build a community of people, who love fun and make a cool things.

Working hard - party hard

Burning Man is the place which is created by its visitors. Radical Inclusion is the fundamental principle of it. We love the incredible art and amazing parties and we do everything to be not the spectators but the pure part of Burning Man magic.

The main goal of the camp is to support an art installation, that we bring to the event. Each participant of the camp are the part of the support crew and help others to install/uninstall, serve and repair the object. Art support also means the shifting, which could take up to the few hours next to the installation or other tasks during the Burning week.

But we don't only works hard but "party hard too"! Since 2020 we are going to provide different fun activities inside the camp for every visitors. Every camp member are welcome to propose the events or take an active part in the ones that already exist.

As all Burning Man camps we are self-reliance team. Everyone is donate the "camp fee", which is contain the donation for creating the installation and donations for the camp stuff. Every participant have an access to the funds spending sheets and is welcome to propose any optimizations to reduce the costs.

So what you will get in the camp?

  • Food and drink*
  • Electricity
  • Shower
  • Kitchen
  • Comfortable shelter**
  • Bike
  • Lounge zone
  • Activities zone
  • Transportation**
  • Safety kit***

Please note WE DON'T SELL THE TICKETS TO THE BURNING MAN. Each camp should send the request/registration to the Burning Man and could (or not) obtain the possibility to buy some numbers of tickets for the face value. Also everyone should try to buy the tickets through the main sale.

* - Due to the radical self-reliance and freedom of choice we provide only the minimal value of food and drink. You should get an extra goodies with you.

** - We use Shiftpod shelters with the touristic cot and air conditioner. The team rent the vans for the transfer to/from the Playa. You are free to rent and live in RV. The cost for van and shelter will be deducted from the camp fee.

*** - Due to the radical self-reliance we provide only the standard basic medical kit. If you have special health needs, you must to take everything you need with you. In case of emergency you must contact the professional health centers on Playa. The camp provides all important information about preparing to the Burning Man.

Still doesn't scare?

Cool! Our camp is growing up and we are always open for the people with the sparkles in the heart and desire to create cool things. Please contact us for a short interview, we are looking forward to learn more about you, your skills and ideas.

Artmisto is waiting for you!