About Artmisto

The team of dreamers and doers

Artmisto project united a creative and open-minded people since 2005.
Together we make an incredible art and cultural projects which is inspire others to open themselves to radical self-expression.

Our Story

Started as a short art joke of two friends in 2005, Artmisto have a long story of art projects and events. From art picnics on the riverside to the installations on Burning Man we always looking for radical self-expression in out works and burning the sparks in the hearts of the people around.

We started like a small site about the arts, but soon we realize that the artist is everyone and the aspiration to creativity is in the human kind. "Express yourself" became as a slogan of our project. It was very surprised to learn in 2007 that there is a huge community in the world, that lives with this slogan - Burning Man.

At the same time we started to make a small events. It was an art picnics on the riverbank in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. Then - the exhibitions, thematic film parties and one day we find ourselves in making of the First Ukrainian Independent Short-film Festival, which was named Dyvofilm. Soon it became also as the first international on-line film festival in Eastern Europe. We have made 4 seasons and met dozens of participants from Europe, America and Asia.

Striving to develop the principle of Express yourself we made two art-festivals for more than 1000 visitors each. The main goal of this events was to involve people to radical self-expression, so we made the conception of event in the way when visitor should stay a part of it, take an active participation to get the maximum experience. The festivals was non profit and based on the donations of visitors. This form of events was unusual for Ukraine but had a big success.

Since 2013 we started to work closely with cultural departments of Dnipro city and Dnipro region. Our program of modernization of museums and libraries stay as the base of government strategy and helps to change the image of this classical cultural institutions in the mind of resident of region. We provided modern solutions and visual changes that increased the numbers of visitors.

As an artists we continue to improve the public places and make them more prominent, more valuable for everyone. Our artworks for unique cultural institutions helps draw attention to existing problems and help find solutions to them.

In 2018 we have visited Burning Man on the first time with the installation Noosphere. In 2019 we came with our own camp and kinetic installation of Cocoonap.

The dialogue between the hearts, the movement to the positive vibes and goals is base of our arts. We continue to create our projects and share the philosophy of Burning Man movement. We continue to involve people to Express themselves.

Our Values

We are not a project crowd - we are family. Our values are the core of all our projects and teamwork itself. And we bring them to our life. Respect, support, openness is not just the words for us. We value each member of our team and the importance of his contribution to our common work. We trying to do the best in all our projects and every time we asking ourselves: "could we do it better?". Besides of this we following the 10 principles of Burning Man movement. We always open for everyone, who want to join us and shares these values.

Our Goal

We believe in the power of art. This is our language to speak and burn the beauty and creativity inside of everyone. As many good things we see around, as much good emotions and ideas we get. The art makes the world better and with art we inspire the people to make one more step for self-realization, for self-expression in any manner but in the one way - to make this positive and constructive ideas comes true.